Our studio is a high-spirited, multi-generational environment where we share ideas, cultivate talent and incubate leaders. Over the years, our work and the big ideas behind it have attracted a variety of bright minds, energetic designers and seasoned practitioners. We’re told that people come to work here because of our reputation designing buildings that are sustainable, affordable, and make a positive contribution to the built environment. They stay because we have diverse and interesting clients with projects that challenge and delight us.

We designed our own studio to reflect our belief that architecture influences the way people communicate, teach, learn, work and relax. Here, associates, young designers and principals sit closely together to ensure that collaboration is just another aspect of everybody’s day job. Our walls move and our rooms grow, expanding our ability to educate ourselves and others and to entertain friends, peers and neighbors.

Everyone has an opportunity to contribute here. Both interns and project managers bring design ideas to the table every day. When we explore these ideas through our studio process we create designs that are as unique as their location, as distinct as our clients’ needs and as stimulating as they are aesthetically timeless.