Durkee Brown Architecture

Design Philosophy

We design your buildings to coexist harmoniously with the natural environment and the urban fabric, to support and engage the community, and to delight the people who use them every day. While doing this, we keep our own signature spare, modern and light.

Buildings should not be aesthetically or functionally frozen in time; they should be designed for certain change and evolution. We expect the buildings that we work on to be around for a long time. This is why we believe that the best design solutions make elegant, clear, intelligent statements; that classic design doesn’t need to be traditional, but it must be refined.

The inherent and strong connection between historic preservation and sustainability is an important part of our firm culture and a source of inspiration to us. New technologies can help improve a building’s energy efficiency, however, sometimes it isn’t new technology that’s needed at all, just a new way of thinking about things.

The integration of these values with your goals is the spark that makes each project unique – with its own delights and challenges – enticing us to create something smart, beautiful and timeless together.